After successful completion of 5 year employment agreement with AAA: James Fazio is ready to prepare the next CEO for the company

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ORANJESTAD – The Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) CEO Mr. James Fazio just announced his personal decision to leave the position as CEO of AAA effective at the end of his current employment agreement; which is August 31st, 2019.

Mr. Fazio has served as AAA’s CEO for the past 5 years, and during that time, among other accomplishments, has provided the leadership and guidance for the airport’s Gateway 2030 expansion project. Mr. Fazio commented on the timing of the decision: “The airport is transitioning from the planning to the construction phase of the Gateway 2030 project, which required the difficult decision as to whether or not to stay another 5 years, and based on personal reasons, I wish to be closer to family and friends, and resume my career back in New York. Royal Schiphol Group has identified a candidate as my successor, and in the next week or so, the new CEO will visit Aruba and be introduced to the Shareholder, Supervisory Board, and AAA staff.” This has been a carefully planned transition, which will allow for a 4 to 5 month transition, and properly prepare the new CEO for the upcoming construction project and the leadership role of the airport.

During his 5 years at AAA, it was a priority for Mr. Fazio to ensure a good relationship and open communication with all airport partners and to provide the best leadership possible to the company: “I want to emphasize that I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Aruba and am thankful to the Government, partners, stakeholders, staff and everyone who I worked closely with in such a professional and respectful way. I feel honored to have been trusted to lead Aruba’s national airport for the past 5 years and I will continue to be 100% committed to AAA during the rest of my time here; as we still have several important project-related milestones to cross in the coming months.”

AAA thanks Mr. Fazio for his efforts to further develop the growing airport and wishes Mr. Fazio all the best in his next career goals.