Aboard Jolly Pirates Cruises: Aruba’s tourists make a difference with Reef Safe Suntan Lotion and the “Carry Your Cup’ pledge

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You may have heard that your sunscreen might contain chemicals that can damage corals and other marine life. Protect both your skin and Aruba’s delicate reefs by using Reef Safe Suntan lotion, complimentary to Jolly Pirates guests aboard their twin Schooners. 

Feel good about supporting Aruba Marine Park’s goals and safeguard the health of our coral reefs, when you participate in the Jolly Pirates “Carry Your Cup” pledge. Raise awareness by raising your reusable cups to a cleaner Aruba and a healthier environment for sea critters.

The #carryyourcup challenge is simple.  Reduce waste by bringing your own cup or purchase a Jolly Pirate reusable BPA-free option. Jolly Pirates guests are encouraged to join the movement and its tourists have considerably reduced plastic cup waste from Aruba’s landfill and limited cups which can inadvertently pollute the Sea.  The Jolly Pirates team also encourages its guests to use Reef Safe Suntan lotion, dispensed aboard at no additional cost.

Dedication to both good fun as well as sustainable tourism efforts keeps Jolly Pirates on top as a favorite, must-do activity. Join the celebration by enjoying a Jolly Pirates snorkeling cruise, raising a toast in a recyclable cup, and making an indelible memory of a fantastic Aruba stay.

Purchase your souvenir Reusable cup at the Jolly Pirates gift shop at MooMba Beach and you will feel good knowing that you support a greener Aruba.

Make your paperless reservations online and save up to 25% on your tickets on the company’s new website www.jolly-pirates.com. Call Jolly Pirates at +297 586 8107.