A new beer that celebrates Aruban life

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Get ready to open the world’s most exciting playground in Aruba. We all love the way we celebrate life in Aruba, in the way we move, the way we dance, the way we feel the rhythm in all that we do.

And now for the first time ever in Aruba, comes a beer that truly celebrates who we really are and unleashes our Caribbean fun, Aruban style. Carib Premium Lager Beer. A slightly aromatic, bittersweet lager at 5.0 % ABV, Carib also capture the brilliant gold of our Caribbean sun, the coolness of our tropical breezes, refreshing like our Aruban shores. The fresh crisp taste of the Caribbean’s finest beastly cold premium lager on a scorching hot day. The perfect balance of ingredients that make this the world’s most exciting playground. So get ready to unleash the fun of an ice cold Carib Beer today. It’s the Way We Play. Distributed by Pepia Est Trading Company.q