60 Years a Loyal & Lovable Local

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Seniors are cool. Actively aging is a lifestyle, and in the celebrity industry the 60-and-over models/actors are hot. This would be the perfect description of the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino. Today the Grande Dame turned 60, time to drop the confetti and honor the ONLY partially, locally-owned resort on the island.


The Hilton Aruba is quite refreshing with its always present, yet local touch combined with international appearance. History was made in 1959 when Aruba’s first luxury hotel opened its doors: the Aruba Caribbean Hotel. The low rise building has a huge open-air lobby in “Miami Modern” design with natural colors. The great American architect, Morris Lapidus, designed the resort. It is no surprise that he considered this one of his best designs out of the 276 he accomplished.

After the Lago Oil Refinery had been the islands bread-and-butter for the last 30 years, a new industry was sought. This because during the 50’s, the refinery’s semi-automation decreased the need for human labor. That new industry was tourism. A pioneer on this new road to be taken was the now Hilton resort, at that time a celebrity hot spot. Today the Hilton Caribbean Resort & Casino has shown its consistency at the top by achieving the “2018 Hotel of the Year” award at the Hilton’s Americas Leadership Conference, Orlando Florida.


Community Connection

Throughout the resort, vintage photographs from decades past will inspire your imagination and symbolize the resort’s local connection. Oscar Henriquez was the key decision maker in the resort’s planning in the 50’s, the resorts market is named after him. More community connection, caricatures of the pioneers of the burgeoning hospitality industry, is seen on the Wall of Fame at Sunset Grille restaurant. When you stay at Hilton Aruba, it means contributing to local community. This is the only resort on the island with Team Members being shareholders in the company. The 60 days of celebration is also about giving back. As part of the resort’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, the Team Members and leaders will be restoring a basketball court by De Vuyst in the town of San Nicolas. Let us close this local loyalty with a toast of an Aruba Ariba cocktail, the #1 drink on the island was invented at? …. You guessed right, the Hilton Aruba.





The Hilton Hustle

Join the movement of celebration from dawn till dusk. Laguna restaurant offers daily Local Special Breakfast for just $22.50 and on July 28th a Legacy Version with extra items and live entertainment. Sunset Grille restaurant’s chef Matt Boland is a winner and surprises you with a daily Chef’s Collection Dinner-for-Two with the amazing price of $99 per couple. The hustle has no end as the “Aruba-Tini” and Aruba Ariba cocktail are on for 60 days and you get two-for-one. Can you feel it? We do, and we are ready to share!



Thank you for your continuous support of our resort. We appreciate your contribution to Hilton Happiness.


Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino

J.E. Irausquin Blvd 81, Noord, Aruba

Phone: +297 586 6555