Aruba to Me

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For today’s newspaper we received a great picture from a group of friends called The Fat Bastards. They wrote:


Aruba to us is… BEAUTY and FRIENDSHIP!!


This brotherhood has been coming to Aruba and staying at Marriott Resorts for 20 consecutive years. They were founded by two gentlemen, James Cacciabeve and Anthony Racioppi. The group was founded to celebrate the camaraderie of men and their families. Moreover, to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of earth’s gift, Aruba!  Let’s preserve our planet!!!!

(From L to R)
Frankie Federicci, Vic LeBlanc, Irv Kuber, Sammy Furnaro, Larry DeWitt, Jim Swartz, Paul Autschuler, Tony Pizzi, Ron Rodríguez

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