Your favorite hotel staff


We are far away but still connected through Aruba Today! We know many of you as our loyal readers and friends and we know you just love Aruba’s hospitality. The most striking is that all of you mention the great service and the bond with the waiter, the receptionist or other staff in the hotel and restaurants on Aruba. We have asked you to send us a picture of that favorite waiter or housekeeper or other hotel staff together with a personal message to them to publish this in our newspaper. We will also do our utmost to find this person and make sure she or he will get this message. Many of them may have lost their job or do not know when they will restart their work. They must miss you and the daily interaction that is why we would like to reach out and make a connection.

Send your text and picture to: You may also send us a PM on Facebook but pictures are best by email.

Have a look at the wonderful messages we have received so far. Thank you for sharing!

Gary & Rocket from New York: “Every time we come to Aruba, we call our favorite Taxi Driver. Erich Genser takes us to where the party is and gets us home safe. He is also known to find the best late night food trucks to eat after a big night at the bars. Keep the beers cold, we’re coming back Aruba!” Stay safe Aruba.

Tammi Krone: “Carmen we miss you! Hope you and your family are well! We will see you again soon.”