What happens if I show COVID-19 symptoms/test positive while in Aruba?

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Aruba Today informed in yesterday’s newspaper about the boarding and island entry requirements applicable to Aruba but what happens if you get sick? Now that visitors from Bonaire and Curacao can enter from June 15th, Europeans, Canadians and Caribbean people (except Dominicans and Haitians) from July 1st and USA guests from July 10th it is important to know the protocol in case of COVID-19 symptoms/positive testing.

All visitors will be required to comply with the Government of Aruba procedures and protocols if showing symptoms and/or testing positive for COVID-19 while in Aruba.

The mandatory requirements will include:

Initial Step

  • In the case of a guest contacting the hotel in light of symptoms linked to COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties), the hotel staff will direct the guest immediately to their room and the respective hotel representative will contact the Call Center at 280-0101 or one of the private clinics and connect the call to their room.
  • Over the phone, a triage questionnaire will be conducted by a medical practitioner.

For guests that do NOT MEET criteria for testing:

  • The medical practitioner will advise on next steps.
  • The hotel will follow up by calling the room and confirming the status.

For guests that MEET criteria for testing:

  • Call Center
    • If Call Center has been called, the medical practitioner will inform the guest and the host hotel of suspected case.
    • If one of the private clinics has been called, the doctor will inform the guest, the host hotel and the Call Center.
  • A date and time will be appointed, by the call center, for testing at the diagnostic center.
  • Following all procedures as stipulated by the host hotel, the guest will be transported by a designated transportation company for testing.
  • The guest is to follow all health and safety regulations during this process, and must pack and take all belongings with him/her.
  • The guest will be taken to a designated isolation location pending test result

As the guest is being tested, all travel companions will be advised to stay in quarantine at the host hotel pending test results.

Test Results


  • The test results will be revealed by the Department of Public Health in 24-48 hours.
  • If the test is positive, the confirmed case will remain in isolation at one of the designated properties, until recovered.
  • Throughout the isolation process, medical follow up will be conducted.
  • Once the patient recovers and tests negative, he/she can resume vacation or depart the destination.


  • If test results are negative, the patient will go back to his/her host hotel, reunite with any travel companions who will be simultaneously released from quarantine, and can resume their vacation.

Quarantine: Travel Companions

  • Travel companions will not accompany the guest to the Diagnostic Center or hospital.
  • Travel companion(s) of a suspected case will remain in quarantine at host hotel while test results are pending
  • Travel companion(s) of the confirmed case will need to pack their belongings as they would need to be relocated and placed in quarantine at one of the designated quarantine locations for 14 days. This period restarts each time a new case is discovered within the group
  • A person not showing symptoms can either stay in quarantine in Aruba at one of the designated quarantine locations or choose to depart the island.
  • In case a travel companion(s) develops COVID-19 related symptoms while in quarantine, the new suspected case will be transferred to the Diagnostic Center to get tested and then be isolated at an assigned location pending test results.

Source: https://www.aruba.com/us/traveler-health-requirements.