Welcome to Tuscany Residence Aruba: Aruba’s Luxury Residential Resort

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Tuscany Residence Aruba is found in one of the most popular neighborhoods of Aruba, close to the shopping and nightlife of Palm Beach, and best of all it is within walking distance of the finest white beaches and clear blue ocean. Tuscany Residence Aruba brings luxury living to a new level.

180 exclusive properties will be built suitable for everyone’s wishes. The buildings varies greatly in layout and offers amazing views. You can choose from 2 or 3-story villas with a private pool and a rooftop terrace, condominiums, townhouses. Tuscany Residence Aruba enjoys an abundance of luxury amenities and services. Soon a new concept consisting of 18, 1 and 2- story water villas. Everything is aimed at providing homeowners and holiday makers of Tuscany Residence Aruba with a relaxing stay.

Dutch design

Tuscany Residence Aruba is a residence that is currently being built and will develop in the coming years into a luxury residential resort with various types of homes and many amenities such as swimming pools, restaurant, bar, offices, meeting rooms, gym, wellness and more. The combination of the beautiful Dutch modern international architecture and the Aruban palm trees creates a luxurious Aruban feeling and relaxed atmosphere in this resort. Tuscany Residence Aruba is the perfect choice for couples and families. Bas de Groot, Managing Director of Tuscany Residence Aruba adds, “We differ from traditional building, our design distinguishes itself.” At 8 minutes’ walk from Palm Beach, designed in a European style with high-quality materials, on property land and with buying possibilities from condos to townhouses to villas, Tuscany Residence is a dream comes true. “We just completed the community pool and the first villa. Eight townhouses are ready and three are still available. There is lots to see, you are invited. Our quality will convince you.”

We take care of it all
De Groot adds, “Our project is in continuous construction which builds confidence. Aside of the town houses and villa you can see the community pool now, providing you with the idea of style and quality of our residence.” He continues saying that maintenance, property management, rental program and safety are taken care of. “You can log in from abroad and manage your property for rental or view your administration.” The great thing about Tuscany is that it offers everything equal to a resort but you do not need to wait for an elevator to bring you up, worry about parking space or noisy neighbors. “We have got space and different size offerings making this more a community feel rather than a packed condo building.” He also emphasizes that the location is one of the best on Aruba as it is quiet and close to Palm Beach.


LISA: HERE PIC 1 Townhouse


3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms
Price starting U.S. $ 347,000, community fee U.S. $ 200/month
Still 3 Available.


Luxury Villas

3 and 4 bedrooms, 3.5 and 4.5 bathrooms, Private Pool
Price starting U.S. $ 788,000, community fee U.S. $ 275/mth
Still 2 Available.

Coming Soon: 18 Luxury Water Villas

The Concept: 18- 2 and 3 bedroom villas around 1 communal pool with covered terrace and garden at the pool side. Soon we will start the presale and if you are interested please contact us!

Reasons to buy

Reasons to consider Aruba property ownership, at Tuscany Residence Aruba

  • Excellent price-quality ratio
  • Beautiful designs & Quality construction
  • Residential Park with all amenities
  • Property land on top-location
  • Varies properties in different price range
  • Onsite Maintenance Team, Property Management & Rental Program

Are you looking for a safe, quiet, residential area where you will meet a mix of local and foreign owners? Do you feel for a warm community with amenities like wellness, gym, restaurants, pools and this all within a structure where the residence takes care of your property management while you are not here? Can the highest European quality and solid working structure take away your preoccupations while you are home? Than meet us, we are here to convince you with quality!

Tuscany Residence Aruba
Salina Cerca 131, Noord, Aruba
(+297) 280 4664
(+297) 733 2424