Uniting forces to protect those who will create the future of Aruba

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In these days when an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure the SKOA Organization and the Volunteer Ministers of the Freewinds work as a team to protect all the students and teachers in their schools.

Since the onset of the Covid-19 virus the Volunteer Ministers of the Freewinds have worked tireless to carry out the sanitization of key locations across Aruba. And now with the second outbreak affecting the island the Volunteer Ministers have been working even harder, especially when it comes to protecting the future generations, by concentrating their efforts on the schools.

“With the second outbreak of Corona virus on the island mainly being spread through family contacts, the sanitization of schools was an obvious choice,” said the Port Captain of the Freewinds, Ken Weber. “Ensuring that the children do not get infected, keeping the kids and teachers safe is a means to protect the families.” This viewpoint is shared by many at the schools, as in the case of the Principal from Scol Preparatorio Prome Paso, Gislaine de Cuba, who said in response to this effort: “Thank you so much for coming to sanitize our school. It’s very important for the children, the parents and the teachers!”

More than 35 school facilities across Aruba have been disinfected over the past few weeks with half of these being schools of SKOA. This activity will continue in schools with renewed vigor now that the number of active cases on the island are decreasing, showing that with these actions and the adherence to the protocols we can win this battle against Covid-19.


When Weber contacted Anuesca Baly, the Managing Director of SKOA to let her know about the sanitization plan in execution by the Freewinds Volunteer Ministers in all the schools of Aruba, she said: “It is good to cooperate. By working together, we will get through this. The help is very much appreciated.”

In addition to the sanitization, teachers and principals are being provided with a series of Stay Well videos covering the key prevention actions everyone should be following to remain safe. These videos have been provide in Spanish, Dutch and English. They are simple and easy to understand, providing the Principals with a tool they can used to not only teach the children how to stay well and prevent the spread of disease, but to educate the parents and teachers as well.

Randy Arends, the Principal of the St. Paulus School, said to one of the Freewinds Volunteers: “Thank you very much for helping us, it is really appreciated. It is something that makes us all feel safer and calmer.” Similarly the Principal of Colegio San Hose said: “Thank you very much for coming. We are doing our best but this is help that I think everyone should take because what one does is never enough! This will bring calm.”

Almost one for one, the school principals are having the Stay Well videos posted on the Facebook pages of the schools making it possible for the parents to see not only the care the schools are taking to protect the kids, but to be able to view the Stay Well videos for themselves.