True Coaching on Consciousness with Focus at the Heart

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ORANJESTAD — A pure, straightforward, empowering and loving person would be the way to describe Spiritual Psychologist Gadi Kock. In case spiritual sounds vague to you, the explanation is far from that. In short the traditional psychology bases on illnesses and symptoms while the spiritual psychology awakens certain built-up systems from the past and makes you conscious of the turning wheel you might be stuck into. Some testimonials after visiting Gadi praise her practice from the heart, not from the books. “She has all the degrees to be a professional coach but her plus is that it comes from the heart and that is more efficient than anything.” Gadi just opened her own practice, called The Wisdom Coach.

‘I am LOVE and Love just IS’ is a quote Gadi uses pointing down her emphasis on Consciousness, Health and Healing. She has a Bachelor Degree as a Social Worker and a Master Degree as a Spiritual Psychologist … and has worked with pleasure for many years and has been of service at the Guardianship Council, Colegio Arubano and Fundacion pa Maneho di Adiccion di Aruba (FMAA).

When life sometimes gets in your way because of mental pressure or blocks that lead to your childhood, Gadi will guide you back to the essence and help you to take action in order to improve your life. Many times we are stuck in patterns that were created during our childhood and we repeat the same. She supports you in finding your own answers and wisdom on essential questions of life, such as Who am I? What is my life goal? How can I make a valuable contribution to society and the world? The irony is when people apply and apply the principles and practices of spiritual psychology in their daily lives, their ailments and symptoms often tend to disappear. “Her effective approach is also because of her understanding of personal growth, counseling and support is all about that”, says a testimonial.

The Essence of everyone is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! That is why you cannot become what you already are. And by certain experiences from the past; conditioning from the past by family / family, culture, religion, upbringing and more; limiting beliefs; misinterpretation and understanding of reality or it happened; and our challenges in the present …. we begin to distance ourselves from our Essence to protect ourselves … not to be hurt, not to be disappointed, not to be abandoned, not to be rejected. To return to our Essence, we must not learn new things. On the contrary … We need to let go and get rid of conditioning of the past and all other limitations mentioned earlier, blocking you from being in your Essence of Love or being your Authentic Self, which is unconditional love. We work from the inside out to get a more effective and long-lasting result!

“The Wisdom Coach” opened its doors / office in FEBRUARY 2019 in the building of Centro QuiVit (formerly Hospitaalstraat 5 next to SABA/St. Micheal Paviljoen). More information at Facebook The Wisdom Coach. Telephone number: (00 297) 746 5704. q