To travel or enter Aruba with pets there are rules to abide by

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Veterinaire Dienst Aruba, the authority in charge of pet or animal related topics, has informed that all pet owners that want to either travel with their pets or enter Aruba with their pets, need to abide by certain rules.

All animals need to have a valid health certificate for exportation or importation. To import or export any animal from Aruba or to Aruba, you have to abide by the rules as stated in the law of the destination country, the origin and transit country as well as protected animals.

Before you reserve a flight ticket, the pet owner must look for the correct information beforehand, in order to make sure you will be in compliance. To find information as pertains to Aruba, you can send an e-mail to The moment you want to travel to a country, you must find information from the veterinary service of the country you want to travel to.

The importation of domestic animals from Latin America and Central America including Mexico, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Cuba is prohibited. There are exceptions that are tied to circumstances like for example, if the pet is part of the moving process between countries. For more information about the exportation or importation of domestic animals, contact Veterinaire Dienst.

Protected Animals under CITES
Certain animals like turtles, iguanas, conch and various types of corals are protected under CITES. Because of this, importation and exportation of these animals and more, will only be allowed with a permit given by CITES.

For more information contact the veterinary service, and to process the necessary documents in a timely manner, send an e-mail in time in order to get approval before you travel. Contact them on the phone at (297) 522-4310 or e-mail at