Three Rivers Real Estate declares to be complying with all legal construction permits

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(Oranjestad)—According to different articles published in the last few days by the local news outlet ‘24ora’, Three Rivers Real Estate VBA has declared that the permits from DOW (Department of Public Works) for the construction of the Secrets Hotel in Baby Beach are legal.

The real estate agency took note of the accusations that they do not respect the order of judicial sentencing, and considered them very serious and completely unfounded. Through a press release on May 11th, they expressed that they do indeed comply with legal terms required for the construction permit, though this process did take a long time.

“Nor is it true that the court has annulled our license. There were a lot of judicial cases against the construction permits obtained by Three Rivers, who has always respected court sentencing, including the last.”

They have assured that they are currently evaluating their legal options and are going to continue management in compliance with Aruban law and the sentencing of the Court of Administrations Lar.

“Three Rivers is sorry to see the company painted as a foreign developer that does not respect or comply with local laws and judge sentences; that can’t be further from the truth. Three Rivers hope to finalize this hotel project to contribute to the economy of Aruba, specifically that of San Nicolas,” the press release read.

For more than a week, the Secrets Baby Beach Hotel was a hot topic in the news due to a press release that the real estate agency has published, in which indicates that a group of inhabitants from Sero Colorado have pointed out that the by law, the Three Rivers project has a suspended license, and is thus not authorized to continue work on the hotel.

Last Friday, members of the San Nicolas Business Association (SNBA) have shared their perspective on the matter, in which they assured that the hotel that must be open by November next year, is experiencing an unfair back lash from the public, while other commercial construction projects in the west side area of the island are not given the same type of negative attention.