The weekly update on the development of COVID-19 on Aruba reports the recovery of 563 people

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The agency of public health of Aruba, known as DVG, publishes an update every week to inform both visitors and locals alike about the continuous development of COVID-19 on the Island.

This week’s update reported the recovery of 563 people, along with the registration of 941 new cases of COVID-19.

The amount of active cases for COVID-19 for this week is of 701, while the amount of deaths related to or caused by COVID-19 increased to 216. We send our condolences and strength to the family members of those who have passed away.

The data illustrates that new cases of COVID-19 have a weekly average of 134 new cases per day, with an average weekly positivity rate of 46% per day.

Currently, there are 10 people hospitalized in Aruba, either with or for reasons related to COVID-19, of which 1 person is in the intensive care unit, known as ICU, and 9 in general care. In Colombia, there are no patents from Aruba hospitalized.