The Traimerdia Center in Oranjestad held their carnaval celebrations

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(Oranjestad)—On February 16th, the Traimerdia Center in Oranjestad held their carnaval celebrations for their kids at Prinses Amalia Elementary School. The children dazzled in their carnaval costumes and enjoyed an afternoon filled with carnaval ambience.

Our reporter sat down with Ms. Kathy Farro, leader of Traimerdia Center Oranjestad and in charge of group 7. She explained that the celebration was organized by the entire Traimerdia Oranjestad team and that around 100 of their children enjoyed the festivities.

This was a plan created for the children, so that they could enjoy carnaval up close. There were several TBS brass band presentations, and they enjoyed music from different carnaval singers like Soca Monarch, King Casper, Rey di Tumberito, King Carl and more.

“Our kids experienced what other kids their age also experience in carnaval,” she stated.

The Traimerdia Center in Oranjestad also gave TBS a certificate to show the organization’s appreciation for their support: “We are a small group and we sometimes we don’t have the budget for a big celebration like this, but we also want to acknowledge them for giving something back to the kids, to motivate them to participate in carnaval,” Farro finalized.