The Savaneta Prome Capital Foundation condemns the picking and taking of sea glass from local reef

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In a statement made on Facebook, the Savaneta Prome Capital Foundation expresses its disapproval of the fact that tourists pick and take sea glass from a reef located in the district of Savaneta.

In their statement, they indicated that “the tourists are of course always welcome to appreciate the natural beauty of our reef, but it is important to warn that it is forbidden to take any souvenirs from the reef”.

There is currently a discussion about whether the sea glass is natural or not. The foundation expresses that “the broken glasses on the reef have transformed in the course of many years into colorful rocks. This is a beautiful sight to see on the reef, but this has also become a tourist attraction. The point is the sea glasses have become a part of the reef and should stay on it. Picking them without permission is considered as wrecking the beauty of the reef. Tourist and Environmental authorities must pay attention to this before it escalates to a complete destruction of the reef or a tourist injuring themselves”.

Different perspectives have come forward, most of which point out that this is a destruction of the reef’s ecosystem. Supposedly, different tour companies take tourists to the reef so they can pick and take the glasses; something that is frowned upon because of the history of the reef.

It would be appreciated if authorities and parties involved could give their own opinion on this matter in conservation of nature.