The Leatherback Season has started last weekend at Eagle Beach


    EAGLE BEACH – Every year the volunteers of Turtugaruba will start the first of March with the monitoring of several Aruban beaches, looking for tracks and nests of sea turtles.

    Last year the first Leatherback nest was found at March 16, this year it took till last weekend for the first two nests, one in front of Manchebo and one in front of Tara Building. Not only were the volunteers relieved with the sign that the turtles really have started now. Also the tourists of the Low Rise Hotel Area were very glad. Like many of those tourists the Sea Turtles have been “repeat guests” for many years. We cannot miss them!

    The Leatherback Sea Turtle is the biggest of the seven species of sea turtles still alive.
    They don’t live in the Caribbean, but in the Atlantic Ocean, were they feed on Jelly Fish. But to lay their eggs they always return to their natal beach. Sea turtles need a dark and quiet beach to nest. It takes about twenty years before the Leatherback will be mature, and just 1 out of 1000 will make it to maturity. Let’s do our upmost to give the sea turtles their dark natal beaches, not only now, but also in 20 years.

    More information: Facebook Turtugaruba Foundation

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