The Government of Aruba approves spaying and neutering of owned dogs.

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The Government of Aruba received a request from the United Dogs Aruba Foundation to approve and cooperate with their project that will take place in October 2021 and end on World Animal Day. The foundation requested permission to spay and neuter stray dogs, just like they did in previous years.

Based on the current stray dog problem in Aruba, the number of irresponsible dog owners, and multiple cases of dog abuse and neglect of dogs and the dog law, the Government decided to exclusively approve spaying and neutering of owned dogs and not stray dogs.

People must realize that stray dogs do not fall out of the sky.  They once had an owner. It is essential to turn off the tap at homes of those who like dogs but do not have the financial means of spaying or neutering their pets to stop the increase of stray dogs.  It will decrease the reproduction of dogs and end the stray dog issue. After this, the focus can be on minimal and proper care of pets and to motivate pet owners to keep their pets in their yards as stated in the dog law. The United Dog Aruba Foundation works with local and international volunteers. The vets who will be performing these surgeries are also volunteers. They will spay and neutered 550 dogs in a 4 day time frame. The foundation depends on the Government for different aspects. In previous campaigns, the Government covered the expenses like the location, water, and electrical installation, the tents, fences, taxes, etc.  For this year, the foundation is pending on what the Government will be covering since the Government is still in the recovery phase caused by the pandemic.

The call goes out to the community who wish to get their dogs spayed or neutered for free, to contact the United Dogs Aruba Foundation or any of the other local foundations in Aruba for registration and information on how to get your dogs selected for the procedure this year. The Government hopes that the Stimami Sterelisami Foundation will soon resume its activities and help cover some of the costs, for the Government to also approve the neutering and spaying of stray dogs in the next project of the United Dogs Aruba Foundation.