The Department of Finance and the Central Accountants Department will be fortified

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Following the standard set in the Landspakket, a study has been launched in 2022 to improve the financial pillar of Aruba. Based on the investigation results, a roadmap with improvement points for the Department of Finance and Central Accountants Department was created, which will have to conclude in an approved statement in 2026 for the Annual Report of Aruba.

In connection with the roadmap implementation, the Minister of Finance, Xiomara Maduro, met with the directors of the Department of Finance and the Central Accountants Department. The objective is to get an overview of the requirements to comply with the roadmap.

For an auditable Annual Report for 2026, these departments must be properly equipped to carry out the necessary tasks to complete the budgetary cycle of Aruba with said report approved by the parliament of Aruba.

Both entities stated the need for additional personnel for 2023 and 2024 to fortify these departments and speed up the process of generating the financial information necessary to compile and verify the annual reports of Aruba. Soon they will open vacancies to fortify both entities with qualified financial personnel.