The beautification work began the 11th of April on Columbusstraat and Wilhelminastraat

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Oranjestad – Minister Geoffrey Wever of Economic Affairs, Communication, and Sustainable Development and the Public Works Department, recently met with companies in the Columbusstraat and Wilhelminastraat area to inform them about the beautification work that began on April 11.

The entrepreneurs were allowed to provide feedback and suggestions to facilitate the work but also requested to inform them of the progress and any delays in the project.

After months of preparations and coordination between the DOW, the contractor, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, everything is finally ready and the beautification of Columbusstraat and Wilheliminastraat can begin. “It was not easy to reach this point, but it was necessary to meet the target set in the government program 2021-2025 for the revitalization of the center of Oranjestad,” Minister Wever said.

The work will start in Columbusstraat and next in part of Wilhelminastraat and has a duration of 50 days.

In the coming days, the DOW will provide more information about this project and announce the alternative route for traffic.

Minister Geoffrey Wever assured those present that communication between stakeholders will remain open to ensure that the work proceeds according to schedule and thus limit any potential disruption during the work.