The Aruban Gymnastics Federation organizes its first National Artistic Gymnastics Competition

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(Oranjestad)—Last weekend, the Aruban Gymnastics Federation organized for the first time, a national competition for artistic gymnastics. On Saturday morning, the minister of Sports, Mr. Endy Croes, was present at the tournament, held at the Sports Center Betico Croes, where he opened the competition with a brief speech.

Currently, there are three gymnastics clubs on the island. Those include Gihae Gymnastics, Perla Gymnastics and Avanse. On the 25th and 26th of March, these three clubs competed against each other in different categories for the first time.

There was a big crowd of supporters sitting in the bleachers, excited to see the contestants. Minister Croes applauds the work done by the federation in transforming the entire sports center into an appropriate environment for gymnastics. Additionally, he also commends how the floor had been divided into different sections, all for different categories in the competition.

The minister congratulates the president of the federation, Mrs. Milly Bagheri-van Trigt, and the board of directors for their success in organizing this big event. Furthermore, he praises the tremendous work done by the clubs, parents and athletes. Finally, he would like to give the biggest congratulations to all finalists and winners from all categories.