The 70th Carnaval season began with a colorful and exciting “Fakkel” Parade!

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(Oranjestad)—Aruba got to witness the opening parade of this year’s Carnaval season during the “Fakkel” parade Saturday night. The night was full of colorful, bright lights, upbeat Soca music and endless dancing!

For this parade, 10 thousand people were in attendance, all enjoying the breezy, colorful atmosphere accompanied by Soca music from 9 different groups. Each group rocked it own theme throughout the night, and the parade walkers were seen decorated with glitter, sequence and electric lights wrapped around their hands, neck and waist.

On Friday, January 6th, one day before the Fakkel parade, Aruba got to see a tribute show honoring 70 years of the Carnaval tradition on the island, as well as paying respects to musicians and bands that have contributed to what makes the Aruban Carnaval so unique and deeply cherished by locals.

Want to be part of the Carnaval experience this coming two months? Here is a schedule of upcoming Carnaval activities and parades! Don’t forget to bring some seats and drinks, and enjoy an integral part of the Aruban culture with your friends, family and locals!