Team Member Appreciation Week 2023 highlights an engaging workplace

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Palm Beach – The annual Team Members’ Appreciation week was designed this year to strengthen Team Members’ engagement with their peers and members of management. The diverse and entertaining program also aimed at creating emotional connections among participants, which in turn result in stronger bonds among individuals, and a greater sense of job satisfaction and contentment.

The week’s events were planned as more than just a way of having fun. They were formulated to allow the sharing of quality time, providing ample opportunities to enjoy the company of peers, while engaging in different activities.






“Each and every one of our Team Members is a shining example of Hilton’s brand of hospitality, as they reach out to our guests and to each other, spreading the light and warmth of hospitality,” said, General Manager Lawrence Tuck, “and once a year during Team Member Appreciation Week, we make sure they have a great time and feel that distinct and personal appreciation we have for them.”

The Appreciation Week started at the Team Members’ entrance with a delicious breakfast, followed by Bolas Criollas at Papaya Ranch, Kickball & Domino at Centro di Bario Noord, Crazy Bowling at the Eagle Bowling Center, a Father’s Day event at Laguna Coffee Shop, and a Hike to Black Stone Beach from the Natural Bridge at sunset.

The activities during Team Appreciation Week 2023 perfectly aligned with the company’s core values, centered around serving people and continually investing in Team Members’ well-being to ensure ongoing job satisfaction. During Team Members Appreciation Week, organized by the Department of Human Resources, they received an extra level of recognition, reflecting the company’s commitment to the success and engagement of its workforce.

According to organizers, Team Members had a blast during Team Appreciation Week, which not only lifted their spirits but also strengthened their bond with the company. The positive engagement displayed by the employees is a clear indication of the company’s dedication to its workforce’s growth and overall well-being.