Special Waiters that Make the Difference

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ORANJESTAD — The honoring of Aruba’s national theatre and governmental department of culture had an extra dimension last Saturday. While a magnificent show ran in the main theatre, the lobby and café were the place where special waiters prepared themselves to serve the guests with drinks and snacks.

Franklin, Cody, Enrique, Johnny and Leo are special kids, meaning that they have a mental limitation, meaning also that they are part of society. That is exactly what the foundation Trampolin pa Trabou preaches and practices. The foundation wants to contribute to a better environment, to encourage understanding and respect for others, regardless of their limitations. By working at Trampolin pa Trabao, people with a disability gain work experience and develop their social and cognitive skills. What’s most important is that everyone has a lot of fun and can discover their own value and talents. Manager Lionel Rumnit talks about the experience of ‘his five waiters’ last Saturday: “In the beginning they were a bit anxious, asking themselves how people will react and how many people will be there. But after 15 minutes the ice was broken and they really enjoyed, the last half hour they were a bit tired which is logical. They felt satisfied and empowered and that is most important.” Rumnit himself finds their reaction the most fulfilling. “We show them they can do it, and they did. Only two glasses were broken, one by me and one in the pack. The boys worked hard and to them it was a rewarding night with as cherry on the pie a picture with our Minister of Culture, Xiomara Ruiz-Maduro.