Singer Levi Silvanie premiers his “The School Tour” in October

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A musical project to raise awareness on mental health and self care in secondary school

(Oranjestad)—Last Thursday, Minister Endy Croes (Education) met with singer Mr. Levi Silvanie and Mr. Friso Veenman. Mr. Silvanie is a popular artist born on Curacao and who now lives in the Netherlands. After ten years, Levi returns with a new album and a new vision, using music and storytelling to empower the youth who suffer in silence.

Upon hearing his vision, Minister Endy immediately gave his support for Silvanie’s project. In the month of October, Levi will be premiering “The School Tour” in Aruba. This is musical project focuses on the mental health of young boys and girls 15 years old and up attending secondary schools. The minister indicated that the project is already “sold out”, and is currently discussing to implement more sessions.

For the duration of five days, around 100 teenagers from secondary school will be participating in this project. In each session, Levi will be sharing his own story and through music, encourage other young people to talk about their problem and seek help early to prevent further problems with their mental health. During the sessions, the students will listen to music and talk about different topics surrounding mental health. There will be discussions about the daily struggle of dealing with mental health problems and ways to achieve and maintain a healthy mental state.

Mr. Silvanie also added that he is working with various organizations and teams of professionals in Aruba to provide the youth with information and proper care. He expressed that around three years ago, he felt that his next musical project should have a different mission, one that also helps people in an active way. He further states that the pandemic affected the mental health of many people. This is also true for our community, but there is still a stigma around mental health, and most people feel embarrassment and fears when it comes to addressing it. Levi wants to use the power of music to empower and inspire conversations about mental health and self care.

Mr. Silvanie indicated that he is very happy to be able to realize this project for the youth of Aruba, and expresses his gratitude for the minister’s support. Lastly, the minister has expressed that he finds this project to be a beautiful initiative.