Schools in San Nicolas Also Have Joined The LeerOrkest Aruba Program

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Recently the youngsters at St. Paulus School, Graf von Zinzendorf and the S.O.A.Z.A. schools joined the LeerOrkest Aruba Program taking instruments lessons such as violin, cello, flute, French horn, bass, drums and percussion.

The kids had been waiting eagerly for these lessons and on February 3rd their happy faces were proof that their dreams were realized. The teachers also were filled with enthusiasm and some even participated in the lessons, admirably showing their support.

Currently LeerOrkest Aruba is conducting instrument classes for around 400 kids at five schools, including Colegio Laura Wernet Paskel and Prinses Amalia Basisschool.

Online lessons of GME (General Music Education) continue to be given at all the schools of the S.K.O.A., D.P.S., S.P.C.O.A., S.O.A.Z.A, Nos Fortalesa Montessori, Traimerdia Sonrisa and the Centro di Bario Savaneta. Soon International School of Aruba also will conduct these online classes.

The LeerOrkest Aruba program became a reality thanks to the support of the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security through the LeerOrkest of Amsterdam.

It has been proven that music lessons make children happy.

If our children are happy, Aruba will be happy.

Music is for All Kids.