Recycle Workshop at Cosecha to celebrate World Environment Day

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In June, Cosecha together with the local artist Mijenou Tromp will higlight recycling of material in the Cosecha Creative Center in San Nicolas. Cosecha sells local, certified Arts & Crafts including a large amount of pieces that are made with recycled material. Moreover, Cosecha together with artists offers a variety of creative workshops where recycled material is regularly used to create a piece of art or craft.

In light of World Environment Day, that is being celebrated worldwide on June 5th, Cosecha offers a great recycle workshop on Friday June 7th. Under guidance of the local artist Mijenou Tromp, the participants will make a bracelet and earring set with soda cans pop tabs. Mijenou is an artist who recycles as much as posible and this shows in her creations. Cosecha supports ideas and work where recycling is the philosophy and therefore Cosecha is very grateful that together with Mijenou we can offer this recycle workshop to the public.

The mission of this recycle workshop is not only to teach the craft but also to raise more awareness and inspire the public to recycle material as much as possible.

This creative workshop takes place from 05.00 pm – 07.00 pm. Price is 35.00 aruban guilders, which includes material and refreshment. Age 16 years and up can participate.

Registration is necessary at either Cosecha San Nicolas or Cosecha Oranjestad.

For further information, please contact Cosecha San Nicolas at 5878708 or Cosecha Oranjestad at 5878709. You can also email at

Please visit our Cosecha Facebook page where you can find general information about Cosecha and an overview of all upcoming workshops on the events page.