Recognition for loyal Defense officer

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The Head of the Logistic Service (HLD) of Marine Barracks Savaneta, First Class Lieutenant Marjorie Philipsen-Breitenstein, has been awarded the distinguishing marks for Long-term Service as an Officer (better known as Jeneverkruizen in the Royal Netherlands Navy).

This was done on Thursday 26 March by the barracks commander Art van Beekhuizen and in the presence of her family members. The decoration is normally presented annually on December 6, the birthday of King Willem II. In the past people used to give an extra ear lamb or glass of gin on that day, hence the nickname Jeneverkruis. For that traditional reason, the decorated soldiers now receive a bottle of gin with their distinction: the longer the employment as an officer, the older the gin. However, the HLD was unable to attend in the past year. Despite the developments regarding COVID19, it was decided to dwell on this in a small circle, the commander and the family; no jenever, no handshaking congratulations but a pastry and a well-deserved compliment for her loyal service.