Re-Opening TGI Friday at Paseo Herencia

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Yesterday afternoon took place the re-opening of the TGI Friday restaurant in the Paseo Herencia Mall.

After starting renovations in August 2022 finally they could have their re-opening in their new and more modern location. It’s on the second floor in the entrance of Paseo Herencia, can’t miss it.

For this special occasion TGI Friday invited the 2 gold bowling medalists Kamilah and Abigail Dammers to cut the official ribbon for the re-opening. Kamilah and Abigail recently won gold medals in the Asuncion 2022 South America Games that was held in Paraguay. So it was a pleasure for TGI Friday to have them cut the ribbon.

Restaurant Manager Chela de Lannoy welcomed all the guests and proceeded to cheers with their iconic blue drink “Electric Lemonade”. Everyone was pleased with the new location and details that were incorporated in the new location.

Operations of the restaurant remains the same as usual, they open at 9am for breakfast that goes till 12pm, lunch starts at 12 pm and goes till dinner at 11pm from Sunday to Thursday and on Fridays and Saturdays till 12am.

We want to invite everyone to take a look at TGI Friday’s new location where you can enjoy your visit with a spectacular view.

You can take the stairs or make use of the elevator.