Rage Silver: Find Your Own World of Jewelry

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“The best feeling to me is to see someone happy inside and outside because of my jewelry”, says Marny de L’isle, owner of the hip stores Rage Silver. Are you looking for a perfect gift for your love ones or yourself, go here as you cannot go wrong. Cool European brands, known American jewelry and an outshining Caribbean design will for sure catch your taste. Rage Silver has an amazing store at Palm Beach Plaza and another gem at Renaissance Marketplace in Oranjestad.

Marny studied fashion design and that is visible in the store. Her collection reflects excellent taste and translates itself into hip brands like Uno de 50 from Spain which is a rebel in silver world. Big chunky jewelry that is out-of-the-box, edgy, all handcrafted and silver-plated with a thick layer to remain affordable.

“Initially they made only 50 pieces of one style but the brand became such a big hit that they expanded. These are statement pieces, showing character and confidence. They rock on a simple dress, you do not need anything else.” Buddha to Buddha from Amsterdam is another attraction, so bring your piece from Europe back home. The brand Rebecca from Italy carries a delicate line and is very elegant. Right now they have great necklaces with in big the initial of your name, following the current trend.

“Initials, words, quotes and signs are hip right now. Therefore we have Key Moments, stackable bracelets you can wear with anything that carry a hashtag and word like #Beautiful, #Strong or #Love. It empowers people.” Another trend according to Marny is combining bracelets and necklaces. “Multi rings creating your own look and the same with bracelets and necklaces is hot right now. Rebecca is perfect for this as the delicate line is cute to layer and combine with non-brands.

Fit it to your clothes and play with it.” A regional line Rage Silver offers is Beck Jewels from Curacao, featuring handmade jewelry with Swarovski stones and fresh water pearls, filled with gold. “Absolutely a success, with this jewelry you make the difference.”

City Chic with Caribbean Breeze
Both Rage Silver stores have their own character. “The clientele is very broad, from children to 65+ we have them buying.

Renaissance Marketplace tends to attract a younger crowd due to more non-brands and casual jewelry while Palm Beach Plaza offers upscale brands as well.” Besides jewelry the store at Palm Beach Plaza sells New York style, city chic clothing. “I just love New York and these clothing lines fit perfect to my jewelry lines. I focus on tops and dresses, all mixed fabrics and comfy to wear. Get your own look with a top and jewelry and BAM, you are ready.”

The Story
The start of the store is actually a love story. “On a business trip for my job at that time I spent a few hours at Puerto Rico where I bought this silver bracelet for my now husband.

It had little koko pellies on it and it was the perfect gift for him as he was a kite surfer/beach boy type. His friends were so enthusiastic about it that he told me: “Why don’t we start a silver shop.” With a little budget I started off selling rings of Mexican silver from the house and slowly expanded. Eventually we opened our first store together at Oranjestad. Today we got as far as two stores, one at Renaissance Marketplace and one at Palm Beach Plaza. We have a loyal local clientele as well as repeated visitors buying their favorite jewelry here.

Renaissance Marketplace
Monday – Saturday 10 am – 8 pm
Telephone +297-2806226

Palm Beach Plaza Mall
Monday – Saturday 10 am – 10 pm
Sundays                  5 pm -10 pm
Telephone +297-5861244