Prime minister met with Kelly family regarding land around Ayo; Ayo Rock Formation will be brought back to its original glory

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Last Wednesday, 14th of September, prime minister of Aruba, Mrs. Evelyn Wever-Croes met with the Kelly family, who are owners of some plots of land around the Ayo Rock Formation. Present at the meeting was also the Department of Public Works (DOW) and the Department of Infrastructure and Planning (DIP).

The government of Aruba some time ago made the decision to reestablish the Sero di Ayo (Ayo Hill), Ayo Rock Formation, back to its original glory. It is an area with a lot of positive characteristics. We know this area for the Barancanan di Ayo, but it also has a very interesting story from the time of the native indians. In the past, this specific area was a Botanical Garden, keeping the soil very fertile around the Sero di Ayo.

The intention is to bring Ayo back to its original form and make it a bigger attraction, both for tourists as well as the local population, and also to provide information on the history of Ayo so that every citizen of our country can know this, and so that our visitors can also receive the knowledge regarding our beautiful and interesting history of Ayo.

The Kelly family is the owners of the properties around the Sero di Ayo. The government met with representatives of the family to see how to reach an agreement in order to make the area more beautiful and attractive so that each citizen of our country can be proud of it, while also giving recognition and honor to the Kelly family.

“We had a very good meeting and we will continue holding meetings. Soon we will publish and share the plans that we have to bring Ayo back to its original glory, for it to become a jewel, the pride of every Aruban”, prime minister Wever-Croes said.