Prepaid High-Speed Internet anywhere on the island

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Are you in Aruba for “Workation” and need high-speed Internet anywhere at any time? SETAR, Aruba’s biggest telecom provider, offers you the fastest wireless Internet plans on an LTE network.


Work remotely on the beach via your tablet, laptop, or smartphone and enjoy faster upload and download speeds. SETAR Prepaid Wireless Broadband offers you a lower latency rate, meaning websites loads faster, YouTube does not pause every five seconds, and apps download at a higher speed, all using your Mi-Fi device.


SETAR Wireless Broadband Prepaid offers you Internet anywhere for a fixed fee without worrying about additional charges, and it is easy to use and access. Choose the bundle that suits your budget and needs.


Visit SETAR Teleshop with locations around the island or at the airport to check your Mi-Fi SIM or device.