Playa Linda’s AWESOME housekeepers

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Playa Linda Beach Resort launched its International Housekeeping and Environmental Services Week celebrations with characteristic high spirits. This year’s theme of ‘Housekeeping: Everything We Touch Turns to AWESOME!’ is particularly true when it comes to Playa Linda’s extraordinary Housekeeping team. The close-knit team exudes enthusiasm, camaraderie and generous attitudes among each other as well as Playa Linda’s owners and guests, which is evident every day.

Playa Linda’s 40-year housekeeping veteran and its Executive Housekeeper Ingrid Todd is employing her endless energy to ensure another successful week of appreciation and teambuilding activities. This week once again features celebratory dinner, field trips and informative activities. “We packed the schedule with events that both educate as well as show how much we appreciate each member of our department,” explains Ingrid.

The Housekeeping Department represents the largest and most diverse department at the Playa Linda, and features some of the resort’s hardest and longest working employees. While Executive Housekeeper Ingrid Todd is an excellent resource for her 40 years of experience, she can also rely on her team of supervisors, many of whom have 20- and 30-plus years on the job. The ability to keep the department running smoothly and consistently meeting the high expectations of resort guests proves the awesome status of each individual Playa Linda housekeeper.

Resort management General Manager Peter van Grinsven, Director of Operations Sulaika Kelly and Finance Director Ann Brinkman participated in recent celebrations, demonstrating resort-wide support for the department that best demonstrates how loving what you do translates into tangible results, and a true representation of awesomeness.