New rotation Company in the West flown in coronaproof

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The new rotation Company in the West (CitW) is flown in corona proof from the Netherlands. This 34th rotation of Army soldiers, which supports CZMCARIB in carrying out its three main tasks in the Caribbean, has been quarantined in the Netherlands and has also been tested negative for COVID-19 before they can board the plane.

Among other things, these soldiers will contribute to maintaining the maritime borders in order to prevent illegal drug traffic or landings with possibly COVID-19 infected undocumented migrants. In the coming period there will be temporary double occupation of these soldiers on Curaçao. After a good transfer period, CitW rotation 33, this time the Alpha King Company of 11 Infantry Battalion Air Assault Guard Regiment Grenadiers and Hunters, will transfer its tasks to the Charlie Tiger Company of the same battalion from the Netherlands. The soldiers who take over each other’s positions are normally both stationed in Schaarsbergen (NL) at the same barracks and therefore know each other very well. The new batch consists of about 120 soldiers.