Ms Canada’s Charity with a Heart for Aruba

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EAGLE BEACH – Michelle Begin is from Ottawa, Canada, and is a truly loyal visitor of our Happy Island for the last 38 years. She is not the standard tourist though, Michelle, alias ‘Ms. Canada,’ has a heart for the people of Aruba. She dedicates her time here for raising funds for those who need support. “It makes me happy to see other people happy. To make a difference in somebody’s life is my drive. I have always done charity work, I have the need to give. It’s in my nature.”

Some of her good-hearted initiatives this year are the decoration of a senior’s home she adopted and the Flatstone Ball Park that is adopted by the foundation to beautify it. Foundation Ambiente Feliz and Mrs. Canada & Mrs. Palmer’s Soup Kitchen are always part of the goals that Ms. Canada sets resume writer to strengthen your resume. Yearly a Beach Volleyball Tournament is organized where all funds raised will benefit several foundations and good causes.

Generous Community
Michelle’s story began when she fell in love with the island 38 years ago. “I came here for vacation and 31 years long I enjoyed the people, restaurants and beaches.

I had no idea there was such a need in social aspect, I did not expect the poverty I encountered. We tourists do not go further than the high rise zone and that is a shame. If we just give 1 percent of our vacation expenses to support good causes, we keep this island happy for everybody. Just see what you can do for seniors or children, don’t close your eyes.” For her it all changed when she participated in the Carnaval Parade years ago.

That’s where she met the locals and realized there was a high need for support. “I did not know about the children’s home Casa Cuna but my first year I bought for $1,000 dollars clothes, toys and so on.” She felt empowered and came up with the idea of the Beach Volley tournament. “I needed teams and put banners in hotels, I asked different organizations and businesses for food, snacks, and drinks. The sponsors are simply great. We have a generous community, thank God.”

Visit the Ms Canada’s Charity in Aruba Facebook page and check out all the wonderful projects she has been doing on the island of Aruba. Q