Mr. Adi Martis thanked for his valuable contribution in the preservation of the Aruban history

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(Oranjestad)—Recently, the minister of culture, Xiomara Maduro, had the pleasure to meet and talk with aruban historian Mr. Adi Martis, who published his “History of Aruba until 1816.”

In this book, Mr. Adi describes pre-colonial Aruba (2500BC-1500AC), the time that Aruba was under Spanish rule (1499-1634), the period in which the island was apart of the West-Indian Company (1636-1791) and the time that Aruba left the English dominion into the hands of the Dutch (1792-1816).

During this time when the Dutch kingdom is focusing more on the history and the consequences of slavery in present society, it is important for us in Aruba to look for and learn more about our island nation’s history. By knowing our history, we can have a better comprehension of our customs, our present, our relationship with the Dutch kingdom and we can focus on our future. The investigation and documentation by Dr. Adi definitely provides this opportunity for the Aruban community to learn more about the island’s history.

Minister Maduro thanks Dr. Adi for his time, work and contribution to the historia of the island.