Minister Tjon (Justice) grants new electric bikes for the Tourism Oriented Police

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Continuing the efforts for increased security within Aruba鈥檚 city center

(Oranjestad)鈥擡xactly one week ago, on a sunny Saturday morning, the minister of Justice and Social Relations, Mr. Rocco Tjon, delivered four electric bicycles to the Tourism Oriented Police (TOP) team, as part of the ongoing project to increase security within the city center of Oranjestad.

A few months back, the ministry of justice visited all police stations on the island, where officers were able to share some of their concerns, ideas, and their need for resources to execute their job more effectively and provide better service to the Aruban community. The need for electric bicycles was one of the few points that were brought forward, and as they have stated in the past, the budget offers enough space for acquiring new material for the Police Corps of Aruba.

The bicycles will be used by the TOP team to elevate security within the city center of Oranjestad. It has been evident that tourism on the island continues to flourish; more cruise ships are adding Aruba on their itinerary, which means that there are a lot of tourists who roam the city center. It is for this reason that these bicycles are extremely important.

This element is an extension of the security project, which includes the installation of security cameras in the city center, hotel areas and San Nicolas. With the addition of these electric bicycles, police offers are able to be more mobile and present in the city center, guarantying the security of not only our visitors but also the security of our community and local businesses within the city center.