Minister of Economic Affairs visits Surinam to attend Caribbean Development Roundtable organized by ECLAC

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Last Wednesday, Aruban minister of Economic Affairs, Geoffrey Wever travelled to Suriname to attend the Caribbean Development Roundtable and the Caribbean Development and Cooperation Committee taking place from 12-14 of October in Paramaribo, Suriname.

The organizer of this meeting is the Subregional He Headquarters of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) which focuses on the Caribbean region.

The meeting of the Caribbean Development Roundtable is more like a dialogue on various topics regarding the Caribbean and the Caribbean Development and Cooperation Committee is where the progress of the work and the focus of ECLAC for the following year will be stipulated through resolutions.

The themes discussed will be, among others:

Global partnership for repositioning, recovery and resilience in the Caribbean;

Economic restructuring and diversification for deeper integration of the Caribbean with Latin America and in the global economy;

Towards the Establishment of the Caribbean Resilience Fund.

The interesting aspect of the Roundtable is that the countries come together to dialogue on these topics and how they can achieve these together. After the impact of Covid-19, it is important for the countries in our region to be prepared, and for this reason, they will discuss the creation of a fund for the Caribbean, known as a resilience fund, to help member countries absorb external economic hits.

As organizer of the event, ECLAC covers all travel and boarding expenses.