Kiwanis Club of Palm Beach “Terrific Kids Awards” at Colegio San Hose high school

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(Oranjestad)—Last Monday, January 30th, Kiwanis Club of Palm Beach gave out awards at Colegio San Hose high school. The award ceremony was attended by students and teachers who were a part of the project “Terrific Kids”.

Club president, DanielAguirre, along with members Ben King and Frank Hoevertsz, gave out awards for the letter ‘R’, which stands for “responsibility”. Terrific Kids is a project that promotes character growth, self-esteem and perseverance in the students. TERRIFIC is a monogram that stands for Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Responsible, Inclusive, Friendly, Inquisitive, and Capable.

Students work with teachers to establish and execute goals related to the improvement of behavior, relationship with other students, assistance at school, and work at school. Every child that achieves these goals is recognized as a ‘Terrific Kid”.

Kiwanis Club of Palm Beach started this program in the Kiwanistic year of 2012-2013. This program started at Dominicus College high school and expanded to St. Fransiscus College and Colegio San Hose. Besides this program, they also ended the year with the program of “Terrific Teacher” at each school. This is to show appreciation and respect for the teachers.

Kiwanis Club of Palm Beach could not end the day without congratulating and awarding Colegio San Hose high school in relation to their 83rd anniversary.

Kiwanis of Palm Beach forms part of a global organization called “Kiwanis International”, which is a charity dedicated in providing service to the community with the main goal to make the world a better place, one child at a time. More information can be found on or