Members of AHATA enjoyed presentation by renowned speaker Danny Bader; During general assembly

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AHATA had its annual general assembly at the Alhambra Ballroom with a special speaker to benefit its members. In each general assembly, CEO and President of AHATA, Tisa LaSorte informs members of the current state of affairs and activities of the association.

This year, AHATA has different workshops planned for members, as well as awareness campaigns to create more knowledge in the community regarding the tourism industry. A goal for 2023 is to inspire more people to realize a career in Aruba’s main industry.

Regularly, AHATA’s general assembly includes a speaker to give a presentation on different topics. This time, AHATA invited Mr. Danny Bader, a renowned speaker from the United States to do his unique presentation on the topic of leadership to the members present.

Danny Bader’s life was transformed after he experienced death and came back to life. Now he dedicates his time to educate people to invest in themselves, increase focus and develop vision. His main message was for a leader to illuminate themselves and lead with four elements spelling LOVE: Loyalty, Optimism, Vision and Empathy.

With this presentation, AHATA wants to support the personal development of the leaders of different businesses and to help them navigate the business expectation that is constantly changing, as well as to reevaluate effective management of personnel.

Membership of AHATA consists of 145 varied companies, and the association represents 11,568 employees in the workforce of Aruba. AHATA continuously supports the progress of Aruba’s tourism industry, economy and general wellbeing.