Meet Annabel an Ambassador of Goodwill

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ORANJESTAD — Annabel is an orangutan doll. But she is not simply a doll she has more to offer than you think and she is now in Aruba for the 3rd time.

Annabell is a doll that started out as a joke. We stopped at a local Sams Club in New Hampshire and there was a down syndrome young men who asked  to hold her. We got the biggest smile from this young men. This is what made me decide to start her own facebook page and take her to nursing homes, hospitals and recovery centers with the purpose to make people smile. That’s all we ask… smiles from those who might nos have a reason to smile on any given day.

Annabel has been taken to the hospital here in Aruba too. She has also been to the buccaneer restaurant, Roy the bartender and his family and his staff as well have all met Annabel and have taken pictures with her. Even the cab driver have asked about her.

Annabel is no longer a joke. She has become an Ambassador of Goodwill. She even has her own passport (not a real one off course) and wings from Jetblue.


Hello Aruba !!

My name is Annabel. I’m from New Hampshire USA.
This is my third trip to Aruba , and I love it here it feels like home.
Everyone has made me feel so welcome!!!!
We have visited the children at the hospital, many restaurants and have taken pictures 
with everyone that has heard my story. One of my favorite places is at the
Divi phoenix where I live while I’m here.

Thank you for all the smiles,”That’s my purpose”

Please follow me on Facebook. Love, Annabel 

Inspirational stories like this are what makes our world a better place. A simple act of kindness that makes a world of difference. You will brighten the days of those around and make a difference in their lives… simply by smiling! Thank you Annabel for touching the hearts of those in need.

Want to follow Annabel on her daily adventures and see where you can meet her and take some pictures with her? Like her facebook page Annabel Nikole