Marine Mingle

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SAVANETA — Defense on Aruba is the responsibility of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Netherlands Military forces that protect Aruba include the Royal Netherlands Navy, the Netherlands Marine Corps and the Netherlands Coastguard. There is also a small indigenous “ArubaanseMilitie” (ARUMIL) of about platoon strength. All forces are stationed at Marines Barracks Savaneta.

Here are some activities that have been happening lately with the marines.

Zr. Ms. Pelikaan battleship is ready to continue its operation
After conducting a routine maintenance check, the Dutch Marine battleship Zr.Ms. Pelikaan is ready to continue it daily operation.

Inspection is an essential part whenever a battle ship undergoes a maintenance procedure. The ship and its crew must show that the equipment is working properly and complies with the safety standards in case of any calamity such as a fire or a collision on sea. Drills, such as rescue training, equipment failure, towing exercises in partnership with the Battleship Zr. Ms. Zeeland, were also conducted in order to test the ability of the crew. The Pelikaan is now in Bonaire and will be parting shortly towards the islands of St. Vincent & Grenadines to strengthen the diplomatic ties in the eastern Caribbean.

Ombudsman pays a visit to the military of Aruba and Curacao
 Civilians are able to send complaints about the government to the ombudsman, Reinier van Zutphen.

The military and the veterans are also able to approach him which is something that many don’t know. Due to this, van Zutphen decided to pay a visit to the military of the Caribbean Defense region. The National Ombudsman started his visit in Aruba at the Dutch Marine Base Savaneta. Here, he got an impression on the daily life and work of the marines and the Aruban military. He also got to know the Caribbean Coastguard, the Maritime Partner of the Dutch Marine.

Afterwards a delegation consisting of the National Ombudsman, coordinator of the Dutch Caribbean, Veteran Ombudsman Coordinator and Defense, and the Ombudsman of Curacao left to Curacao to visit the Marine Base Parera. Here they met with, Commander in Chief of the Caribbean Region Brigade General, Peter Jan de Vin. During their visit the delegation received a complete presentation on the Defense & Coastguard of the Caribbean Region.

Happy readers at Kibrahacha
Kibrahacha, the organization for the senior citizens in Aruba, which has been funded many years ago received a very particular gift from the Dutch Marines of Savaneta.

The bookstore at the military base called “Toko” updates it book collection for the marines and their families every year. These old books that are in a good condition will be donated to an organization. Seeing that the seniors of Kibrahacha are fervent readers, they were chosen to receive this wonderful collection of books. The book collection was handed over by Leon Berenos and Chaplain Frank Kamp to the director of Kibrahacha, Jeffrey Matos.q