Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa: Love, Eat and Beach: The unbeatable Valentine’s menu

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There is no arguing whether to dine at a trendy, untraditional venue or enjoying the classic mood because at Manchebo you get it all in one. Ike’s Bistro and The Chophouse at Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa have an amazing Valentine’s Dinner and Vegan Valentine’s Dinner featuring your classic favorites and Euro-Caribbean hot seller options to shake it up.

You can’t beat the classics but for sure add Euro-Caribbean twist options as we are in the Caribbean and Dutch Kingdom after all. Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa has an established name on the island for many years and beats it all with their amazing outdoor dining. Here you encounter elegance in an informal way, culinary highs and genuine smiles from the staff.

It is all about the feel this Valentine’s, simply indulge in culinary highlights. The resort has everything you need for a fabulous feast. Gaze over the pool and palm trees and let Aruba’s breeze take you away on a journey with the delicacies of Chef Sandro Herold. Romance will run its natural course.

More than just a dinner

Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa is known for its personal approach, they offer more than just a dinner. The resort feels very cozy and the restaurant allows relaxation, connection and romance. Chef Herold excels in vegan dishes and Ike’s Bistro drawing an ever-growing vegan clientele, naturally the chef has to be great in combining flavors which reflects in his non-vegan dishes.

The Valentine’s menu starts with a Chef’s Amuse-bouche followed by a choice between three Appetizers: Quiche Lorraine, Fried Brie & Strawberry Mesclun Salad and Beef Carpaccio. The delicious choices for the Main Course are your favorite Valentine’s Steak, Saffron Seafood Paella or Creamy Trofie Chicken Caprese Pasta. There is no greater love than a smashing dessert and Red Velvet Mango Strawberry Delight is just that.

For the vegan lovers we have a Lovers’ Delight: After the Chef’s Amuse-bouche you make a choice between Tortellini of Love and Crispy Battered Heart of Palm. To continue the culinary romance we offer Cucumber Stoba or Polenta Timbal. The dinner ends with the scrumptious Red Velvet Mango Strawberry Delight.

Both menus include a glass of bubbly and a rose.

The restaurant naturally lends itself to social distancing as it is open-air, set perfectly by the tropical pool. Ike’s Bistro and The Chophouse have an established name on the island for its excellent food and highly-rated service level. Come over to celebrate your Valentine and create a lifetime memory. Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa is waiting on you!

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