Making the Difference

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What a difference it makes when you can enjoy a clean environment. Organized, hygienic, smelling fresh and looking crispy clean. It can uplift your vacation the same as the opposite will ruin it. Checking in at a hotel that has a chaotic, unfresh lobby and a room with marks on the carpet and walls, a bed that is made up messy and a bathroom that smells like yesterday…. You are ready to run away and go back home. The central breaking point between these two opposites is the housekeeping. They keep the house clean and this is their week.

With tourism being the major economic pillar of this island, housekeepers play a central role. They are not to be underestimated and have an important job cleaning the many rooms of the different resorts in Aruba day in, day out. It is a dirty job, but somebody has got to do it, a phrase of a well-known movie that applies to this job too.

Every year International Housekeeping Week is celebrated on the second week of September. Every year, we set aside one special week to honor the year-round heroes of housekeeping.

It would be great when guest would pay that extra attention to your clean room, appreciate the effort our island staff is making to create that smile on your face during your well-deserved vacation. Maybe back home you need to make your bed by yourself again or wash your towels, here they do it for you to make you feel welcome and pampered.

For all those working in Housekeeping: Aruba Today congratulates you and wishes you a wonderful week! q