Let’s go to the park

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The National Park Arikok is open to the public again. The park was closed to visitors since March 23 and nature was flourishing. Plants and flowers arose, animals recovered their space. As the world slowed, Mother Nature was taking a breath!

The park invites you to discover its natural treasures maintaining the respect for its flora and fauna. Take a hike with a Park Ranger and visit the visitor’s center with interesting information. The National Park Arikok comprises almost 18 % of the island. Its rugged terrain, desert-like hills filled with tall cacti, breathtaking coastline and protected local flora and fauna welcome you to be explored. There is numerous wildlife to discover like for example the sea turtle who lays his eggs on the park’s beaches. There are more places on the island that are a preserved area like the Bubali Plas in Noord which is a bird sanctuary. Recently 16 areas on the island have officially been declared protected nature areas.