Lend a helping hand Aruba Doet: Aruba’s biggest volunteering event!

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The beautiful white-sanded beaches, the amazing luxurious resorts and the mouthwatering choice of restaurant dishes are a huge attraction of Aruba that make up for a fantastic vacation. If you would like to add a little local connection to that, next weekend is yours. The biggest volunteer event ARUBA DOET will take place next week Friday and Saturday, March 15th and 16th. You are most welcome to join and roll up your sleeves together with the locals to create some happiness on One Happy Island…Just by doing.

CEDE Aruba, in collaboration with the Oranje Fonds, will be organizing Aruba Doet for the 13th consecutive year. This is another opportunity for social organizations to carry out work or organize social activities for their specific groups with the help of volunteers. On Friday, March 15th, and Saturday, March 16th, 2024, CEDE Aruba in cooperation with the Oranje Fonds will organize Aruba Doet, the largest volunteer action in Aruba.

ARUBA DOET started in 2013 under the initiative of the Oranje Fonds. Under names like NL Doet, Aruba Doet, Bon Doet, Cura Doet, Statia Doet, Saba Doet, and SMX Doet, these six initiatives spotlight volunteer work and encourage everyone to lend a hand for a day. Thus, the Oranje Fonds, along with thousands of social organizations and partners like CEDE Aruba, organizes the largest volunteer action in the Kingdom.

Volunteers are the driving force behind many social organizations. With Aruba Doet, CEDE Aruba and the Oranje Fonds demonstrate how important active citizenship is for the community. Furthermore, ARUBA DOET contributes to the positive image of volunteer work and illustrates how fulfilling it can be.

In 2021, they had 2,600 volunteers and 191 projects; in 2022, over 3,200 volunteers contributed to 189 projects in Aruba, and in 2023, they had nearly 4,000 volunteers and 194 projects. Naturally, in 2024, they aim to have even more people actively participating during the days of Aruba Doet.

The Oranje Fonds is the largest fund in the social sector and represents the best of the Kingdom. Each year, the Oranje Fonds invests approximately €30 million in organizations and initiatives that strengthen social ties in the Netherlands and the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima are the royal patrons of this fund. Visit www.oranjefonds.nl for more information.

CEDE Aruba is an organization that provides support for development and co-financing of programs and projects in the social sector. These programs and projects are introduced and implemented by non-governmental organizations (NGOs). In Aruba, there are many NGOs working to improve social facilities for the community. CEDE Aruba assists NGOs with the development and financing of various sustainable projects. Visit www.cedearuba.org for more information.

Pictures can be found on Aruba Doet’s Facebook Page.