Lecture ‘Boundless Slavery and Freedom in the Caribbean’ Dr. Coen van Galen from Radboud University

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Recently, the University of Aruba, the Comision Conscientisacion Sclavitud, and the Ministry of Finance and Culture organized an informative evening where Dr. Coen van Galen of Radboud University Nijmegen gave a lecture titled “Boundless Slavery and Freedom in the Caribbean.

In a room filled with interested people, Dr. Van Galen explained the project to link the archives of the Caribbean islands to gather more information about the migration of persons after the abolition of slavery in the Caribbean.

Mr. Van Galen explained that archives and a transnational network exist between Suriname and Curacao. Currently, they are in the process of connecting Aruba to this network as well.

Dr. Van Galen explained the setup of the international archives project Historical Database Suriname and Curacao. Discussions are currently taking place to include the National Archives of Aruba in that project. Especially now that Aruba has made considerable progress in digitizing and making available historical documents.

By connecting archives, it will be possible to gain more insight into inter-island ties and connections between the islands and the Caribbean region.

It will benefit scholars and anyone who wants to know more about ancestors from other islands.

This information is also essential for research on the social structure after the abolition of slavery. It allows for better understanding of the effect of slavery, and colonialism on the generations after the abolition of slavery, and until now.

Minister Xiomara Maduro thanks Dr. Van Galen for the extensive lecture and interest in connecting Aruba to the international network.