Launch of ‘Telephone for the Elderly’ helpline 125 to combat loneliness

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On April 3, 2023, the Elderly Telephone launched a joint project of the Department of Elderly Affairs and Club Kibrahacha.

It is a joint project between these two organizations.

The new telephone number is 125 and aims to provide support and compassion to people over 60 years in Aruba and combat loneliness and isolation.

Club Kibrahacha provided telephone support during the pandemic and has restarted this project thanks to the Department of Elderly Affairs. The Club Kibrahacha can be reached Monday to Friday between 8:30 AM and 12:00 PM.

Our community is changing and developing so that when elderly persons retire, they can go home and relax. Their children have jobs, and they also have fewer grandchildren. For this reason, many elderly are lonely and no longer actively participate in society.

elephone 125 offers services and care adapted to the needs of senior citizens and creates a new vision of old age in Aruba. The elderly population, with their experience, knowledge, and wisdom, deserves to be an essential part of the community. The 125 helpline is a valuable help to those who need social contact and to be heard with compassion and empathy. This way, they help the elderly connect with others when they feel isolated, excluded, or alone.

The slogan “Mi ta Inclui” reflects the principal purpose of the telephone line, which is to reduce loneliness and isolation of the elderly population.

Minister Ursell Arends thanks the Department of Elderly Affairs and Club Kibrahacha for realizing the Elderly Telephone. For more information, visit or the Facebook page “Mi Ta Inclui.”