Latest update Aruba COVID-19

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Attention: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Aruba, the Department of Public Health issues a notice to all citizens who during these days tested positive and those who may still test positive.


The notice is to implement the isolation measures. This means staying indoors / at home and limiting contact with others as much as possible. When contact with other people cannot be avoided, the necessary protective measures must be applied. If you have questions, consult your general practitioner. Those who were in contact with a COVID-19 positive person and have no symptoms may go to work, but are instructed to take the necessary hygienic and protective measures. Wearing a face mask / face shield is mandatory for the next 14 days. At the first indication of symptom(s), you must contact your general practitioner immediately.


Due to the rise in COVID-19 cases the last days, the Government of Aruba has announced the following measures:

  • All bars, rum shops, and nightclubs are closed until further notice.
  • No parties are allowed including in private homes.
  • No live music activities with a band or a DJ are allowed.
  • Tours and sailing trips are allowed, but it is advised that when people cannot properly social distance that they wear facemasks.
  • Visits to retirement homes will not be allowed.
  • For all indoor establishments as well as in buses and taxis face masks are mandatory. If social distancing seems difficult outside, wearing a face mask is highly recommended.
  • Tables at restaurants can have a maximum of 4 seats (excluding children under the age of 12.) Tables must be at least 1.5m apart.
  • No groups are allowed to form of over four people unless the group consists of a family from the same household. This includes gatherings in the beach which will be enforced by the police.
  • Beach weddings are still allowed to happen but they must be on small scale with proper social distancing.
  • No indoor group sports; no contact sports of any kind (indoor or outdoor).
  • Churches, funeral homes, gyms, casinos, and all other organizations must strictly enforce new protocols as stipulated by the Department of Health. No singing in church.


If you are planning to travel to our Dushi Island, we ask you to follow the protocols of the Government of Aruba. Please wear a face mask on the plane, wash and disinfect your hands and keep the 1, 5 meter of distance. The face mask is recommended to wear until you arrive at the resort and whenever you are in public places indoors and outdoors when social distancing seems difficult. Consult for complete details and procedures on traveling to the island. You may also call the toll free hotline of Aruba Tourism Authority at 1-800-862-7822. There is also the official Aruba Health App on your phone for important information.