Lack of primary school teachers presenting a challenge; IPA preparing informative evening

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Pedagogic Institute of Aruba (IPA) will be holding an Open Day next week. The Institute says that it is confronting a challenge with lack of teachers for primary school.

The Open Day will be on the 14th of November from 6pm to 9.30pm.

Berthson Boekhoudt, director of initial studies at IPA, said that during this Open Day they will give information on three types of study that they will be offering beginning on August 2023. The first is study to become a primary school teacher, the second is PDG (Pedagogical Didactic Certificate) and the third one is Master of Science of Education (MSE).

To apply to become a primary school teacher, Boekhoudt said that the candidate needs to love working with children, explaining different subjects. They need to have a HAVO and VWO (secondary school and advanced education) diploma, and MBO level 4. Candidates in their final year of studies can apply this year to become primary school teachers.

He said that for many years they have been confronting the need of having more teachers at primary schools. This is a study that they offer every year, yet the graduates barely cover the vacancies in education. “This is a sector for which currently there is a need”, he said.

Boekhoudt said that this is a profession that, according to older colleagues, used to be more respected within the community in the past. “This changed during time, and other professions came along so that people don’t see [teaching] as being all that interest. But it is a profession where you will guide a whole new generation, it is a pioneer profession.”

Jumira Spier, who is a course leader this year, explained that the PDG study has duration of 18 to 24 months, and attendants can become certified to give lessons in Education. During the course they cover a wide variety of content, for example, how to give lessons more actively and effectively. The successful applicant for PDG are people who have an HBO diploma, Bachelor Degree or Masters degree.

Those who are interested can go on to find the registration procedure. Registration for the courses will be open until the 20th of January 2023.

More information will be provided during the Open Day on the 14th of November, where people can also experience a bit of what goes in the different courses.