Episode CLXIV-164: Let’s take care of Aruba!

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Etnia Nativa through Island Insight facilitates cultural awareness, education and safeguards Aruba’s heritage by elevating each reader into an island keeper state of mind. Be encouraged to discover in every episode the true native effect, live it and discover more reasons to love Aruba behind our beaches by liven up your stay in an incredibly wonderful way through this cultural blog.


Our island is a tiny tourist destination with a fragile ecosystem, covering thousands of years of history. Here is where Etnia Nativa’s main objective comes to mind through educating the readers over Aruba’s heritage. We believe in when you love and value what you have; ones greatest desire becomes to protect it.


In this episode we will try to share a native perspective and concerns regarding Aruba’s vulnerability as a tiny peaceful tourist destination threatened by lobbyists at the top and at the bottom, the menacing poverty, corruption and crime driven by people in desperation attempting to climb out of a system that it has fallen in.

As Arubans we wonder what will happen to our natural landscape, geological aspects, tradition, history and cultural way of life that we inherited from our Euro-Indigenous ancestors? Our island is our home, which slowly is been swallow up by over exploitation by those we choose to protect it.


Etnia Nativa’s goal as a native awareness and influencer, starts each morning in educating participants through an engaging, truly local awareness experience. All this happens in a private area of ​​880m^2 and within the limits of a beloved home; a small building/garden/gallery/museum that houses remote cultural knowledge as well as native plant and if lucky see free living animals,endangered bird species visitors can interact with.

Aruba is at a point where the government, business, scientist and the general public should determine character. However everyone’s duty to make an unconditional choice for the future and consider the demographic and geophysical limitations of our “beloved rock” an priority (Episode 153).

The indispensable quality of this tourist destination is based on an ancient desert landscape, the blue sea that surrounds beautiful white sandy beaches as well as an ancient cultural heritage. To all this we must proudly add the unsurpassed kindness of our native fundamental pillars and an essential factor in the early development of insular tourism industry in adiccion a key factor in its success. These incomparable central elements must continue to provid a day by day fascinating satisfaction however limiting the quentity of rooms and adapting the cost of vist to all who comes from all over the world to be part of our native hospitalty. We believe in order not to further alter these excellent parameters, it is essential to put an end to overexploitation mitigating product fatige.


Aruba is immersed in a system whose main objective is based on making profit no matter what. This way of doing business has proven to generate disastrous results. Like forcing your only golden egg laying goose to dead and with out consudering and economic alternative that has life and a sustainable existencial approach in practice and action.

As locals, we urgently need to consider a sustainable existence within a territory that is 100% ecologically aware. For which it is essential to recognize and respect native species on land in caves, over and under the sea, in schools, and everywhere. In our own hands rests the duty to request responsible legislative respect that safeguards and guarantees the protection of each of the species in question and the existence of the ecosystem for future generations.


If you love Aruba its origins and its cultural heritage, be part of the exclusive visitors of Etnia Nativa: a cozy museum/home.

Etnia Nativa a private residential houses collections of native art, archaeological artifacts and historic furniture, while the facilities themselves are the result of the transformation of recycled materials. Meet Anthony Croes, our columnist at his home! Book your visit Whatsapp + 297 592 2702- or mail: etnianativa03@gmail.com